Every client’s requirements are unique and my job is to make your dream come true….with some expert advice to avoid some of the pitfalls. I believe designing the perfect piece is often a blend of connecting with the emotional reasons for a commission whilst taking into account the physical features of the wearer and practical elements of how the piece will be worn.

After considering your budget, I will choose a selection of stones for you to peruse. The gem may be rare one of a kind, or you may have several stones to select from. We then spend as long as you need considering different designs in order to make the dream a reality.

Incredible quality white and coloured diamonds and rare and untreated coloured gemstones have also been sourced from abroad for specialist collectors. Gemmological Lab certificates supplied if required. I can also make high end gem bead necklaces to order, stringing and jewellery repair is also available.



Very often I find myself listening to a friend or colleague talking about inheriting a piece of jewellery that they would never wear. For me, this is the perfect chance to show how something fabulous can be created in a wearable style unique to the client.

Remodelling jewellery is typically very affordable as you are starting with the basis for the piece. I have included on this page a few client testimonials with completely different starting points, all of whom are the delighted recipients of new pieces using old stones. I can also help with repairing well-loved jewellery.